Coach Quântico

Posted by Reiki Inner Light on 3/25/2019 to Events
Coach Quântico
Reiki Inner Light is all about wellness, and we are very happy to announce that Professor Wallace Lima is coming to Los Angeles for an amazing Quantum Experience. He will be teaching a three day class called "Salto Quântico". This class will be in Portuguese. Save the date on your calendar! October 4th, 5th and 6th of 2019 in Los Angeles, California. Don't miss this amazing opportunity to transform your life with Professor Wallace Lima.



Angel Magana
Date: 3/27/2019
We'll try to make there. It sounds interesting and it looks like an awesome learning experience.
Date: 3/28/2019
I will be there:)
Orlando Magana
Date: 4/7/2019 5:45:00 AM
So would I
Date: 3/28/2019
Wonderful opportunity to lear more about the subject!
Clariana DeSousa
Date: 3/28/2019
Nice, I’ll be there!
Date: 3/28/2019
This sounds like a truly wonderful training opportunity. I look forward reading more about it. Thank You ladies for Bringing this great class and professor/coach to the South Bay.
Date: 3/28/2019
Que massaaaaa! Quero muito ir!!
Renata Grinberg
Date: 3/28/2019
I won’t miss this opportunity :-) I can’t wait!
Ana Paula Liogi
Date: 3/28/2019
Can’t wait!
Ana K
Date: 3/28/2019
I can’t wait to take that workshop . He is Amazing??
Date: 3/28/2019
Muito bom! Farei o possível pra ir.
Renata Araujo
Date: 3/28/2019
Count me in!!!
Ana Paula Hernandez
Date: 3/28/2019
Date: 3/28/2019
Yes! I can’t wait!! ????????????
Reiki inner light
Date: 3/29/2019
Professor Wallace Lima é fantástico. Assisto todos os seus vídeos.
Orlando Magana
Date: 4/7/2019
Why would you miss this??
Date: 6/10/2021
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Date: 6/19/2021

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