About Rebeca

My name is Rebeca Costa and I’m a USUI Reiki practitioner since 2012, and I have been able to help myself, my family and others by tuning into The Universal Life Energy to facilitate emotional, mental and physical healing. Since I was very young, I always had a strong inner pull to help others. Reiki, combined with crystals, is a very powerful healing method. My heart is full of joy and gratitude for being an instrument of the Universal Healing Energy.

Rebeca Costa

Back in March 2017, when my husband had a bicycle accident and became quadriplegic, I became even more passionate about this intelligent life force! How much it works in our daily life it's amazing, not just supporting all of my husband's progress but also giving me balance and harmony, to keep my beautiful family together and happy in a very loving and harmonious environment!

Rebeca Costa

I’m also a believer of Quantum Healing and Crystal Therapy, and a jewelry designer of therapeutic Bracelets made of gemstones with their incredible power of healing with lava beads for essential oils therapy!
Reiki Inner Light was created with the intention of combining Reiki energy and all other kind of wellness therapy, that we can add to our lives and to those around us, and as we grow, we can help you grow also by helping you empower yourself.
Self empowerment isn't just a new-age concept, it is real, we can show you … Together we can become a source of support and inspiration for others.

Rebeca meditating

Rebeca displaying our jewelry.

Rebeca displaying her creations