Heart Chakra Balancing

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Heart Chakra Balancing

When we think about our 4th energy center or heart chakra, the word love comes to mind. Maybe because we are love. Our true essence. This lovely chakra is located in the center of our chest and it is the bridge between the three lower chakras and the three upper chakras. When in balance, the heart chakra is the house of our ability to be compassionate, kind, tolerant, patient, understanding, and to be who we really are. When this chakra is blocked, we can open a space for grieving, anger, jealousy, fear of betrayal and hatred towards ourselves and others.

Love has a very high vibration that is in alignment with goodness and gratitude. The colors green and pink, have a specific energy or vibration that resonates with the heart chakra. Green is the primary color and it is the color of health and promotes the general feeling of well being. It is the color of transformation, love, balance, life, regeneration, inner peace, serenity and growth.

The vibration of pink at the heart chakra is the blended energy of red from the root chakra (protects/provides life) and the white from the crown chakra, (spirit/purpose) representing the metaphysical and physical. However, it is possible that it is the Divine feminine driven by the spiritual energy of love. The pink with its gentle and tender vibrations can loosen tension in the heart, and awaken feelings of love and tenderness as well as the childlike feelings of wonder, innocence, and happiness. There are many ways to balance our energy centers.

We just need to access the resources that are available all the time in form of Reiki, crystals and gemstones, meditation, color, sound, nature therapy. We can walk somewhere peaceful and notice the colors in our path and with a meditative mind, observe green or pink colors around and imagine our hearts being filled with the vibration of that color. We can access scents that have a specific healing vibration coming from the flowers and plants that resonate with the vibration of the heart as jasmine, neroli, lavender, rose etc. Music that touches our heart is what will relax and open the 4th chakra as well. Crystals and gemstones are very powerful minerals that can support our heart chakra as Agata, green Aventurine, Malachite, Rose Quartz, etc. Reiki therapy can help with the flow of healthy energy or Ki within the body through pathways (chakras, meridians) and can also be present and pass directly through the organs and tissues of the body. Let's nurture our hearts and emanate the love.



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Date: 4/22/2019

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