Michael Molina our website designer.

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Michael Molina our website designer.

Reiki Inner Light is all about art, energy, beauty and love. When those elements are vibrating in perfect harmony, the Universe helps the manifestation of even more of the same vibrations. Michael is a gift sent by the Universe to Reiki Inner Light to rescue our lifeless website into this beautiful, amazing, interesting and fun website. There were many days and nights of dedication, creation, hard work and most of all, love.

Our website, Reikiinerlight.com turned out to be a piece of art autographed by Michael Molina. He is a very talented web designer and an IT expert. Michael provides the best technical support, leading the client step by step, over the phone or personally. He is a kind and patient teacher, so we learned how to operate our own website.
Michael has vast skills about computer maintenance and repair, network fundamentals, servers and workstations, and much more in his area of expertise.

If you need help creating a successful website please contact Michael Molina.



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