Reiki, Crystals and Intentions.

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Reiki, Crystals and Intentions.

The power of Reiki, crystals and intentions are well known now a days. Starting from the chakras that are energy centers in our bodies. We have many energy centers, but the main seven ones are located along our spine. The chakras are vibrant energy centers vibrating in and out our bodies, and affect us in different levels: physical,emotional, spiritual and mental. Our entire life experiences such as beliefs, traumas, long-held feelings, family foundations, are crucial information stored within chakras. As we balance the seven main chakras, we will be able to bring life into better alignment, by becoming aware of what is stored in our consciousness. And let's be clear that it is our consciousness that creates our reality.
Crystals and gemstones can be related to the chakras, however, emotions and thoughts can influence them. Positive affirmations are very powerful to activate each stone. We create our lives with thoughts, actions, words and deeds. So, we should create intentions throughout our days, so we can manifest in life base on the law of attraction. Reiki, crystals and intentions. They are all valuable tools for wellness.
Reiki helps amplify the effect of the process of self-empowerment and healing. It magnifies the vibration of love.



Date: 5/1/2019

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